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Hi, this is Justin, owner of Ajar Productions.

We're planning to do some webinars in 2021 and we'd like to know which topics you most want to see covered.

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1) I would like to know more on accessibility with in5 plugin using page peal.
2) Best way of publishing format and its do's and don'ts.
3) How to use Interactive clickables on both the sides when terms of page peal (Flipbook).
Please add these as "answers" so that others can vote on them. Thanks!

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Accessibility is increasingly important at my company--I'd love to see a little more about that. Maybe even a demo using VoiceOver showing accessible In5 content.
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• Creating animations for email headers to put in a CRM.
• Can you have more complex animations by using groups, layers or composing them each on different pages?
For emails/email headers, I would suggest using the GIF Maker plugin to create an animated GIF from in5 content.

The Accessibility webinar was held on Dec 15th. It was recorded and will be released as Accessibility & SEO Techniques on Ajar Academy in early 2022.

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Hey Justin,  It would be great to see webinars going over using in5 with InDesign to create mobile apps and web apps.  Thanks!
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Here's the webinar recording covering Web Apps:

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I would like to see how we can integrate content created in other HTML Editors, such as Hype, into InDesign/In5 projects.
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We did a webinar with Hype. The recording is available here:
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I am interested in app development, but also in understanding what solutions are there for use in exhibition totems or company presentations.

Examples of integration with animation software such as HYPE and After effect.
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We did a webinar with Hype. The recording is available here:

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How to make an animated Instagram ad using only IN5 and chrome extension
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I want to learn about fix position and make paralax.. thank you
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Hi, best practices when setting up webpages for desktop, tablet and mobile - when can you design with custom tall sizes pages and when to use standard web size pages linked seamlessly. Do find a viewport issue sometimes with custom tall pages.  Licensing of Google Fonts on web pages.  Thanks.
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One of the great things about Google Fonts is that they're all licensed to be used on the web.

So if you're using a Google Font, you're safe. :-)
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I would like to see a webinar of a borderless long vertical scroll document with page load animations, parallax, and pinning. Using alternate layouts for both desktop and mobile. Also really interested in subtle rollover and rolloff techniques, and using the SVG output option for sharp text and vectors.

Accessibility is also #1 on my wish list. Thanks!
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This course on Ajar Academy covers all of those topics:
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Hi, a way to add a blog or a CMS/content management system.
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From HK over email:
Creating Microsites.
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