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In5 is needed to create and update my content. But what if I am done with the editing part and my content is online : do I still need to  subscribe to a plan so that my content is still fully available ? Or can I just stop the plan and then subscribe occasionally when I need to update or create ?
Thank you !
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No, your content will continue to work even after your subscription has expired.

You only need an active subscription if you want to make changes and re-export your InDesign document.
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You can subscribe on a monthly plan and cancel at any time by notifying us at support@ajarproductions.com.



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This person wants to know if the content will still be online and working allright after cancelling the monthly plan.
And so do i.
Yes, your content will still be online and all your work is still available.  If you want to make any changes to your work, you would need to reactive your subscription.