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Hello. I am using scrolling frames on a directory page in order to allow multiple category elements to be larger on the screen but still give access to a lot of list items within those categories. This seems to be working very well except that, for some reason, when viewed in IE or Edge browsers, the scroll bars are scrolling WAY past the content inside the frame (leaving only blank space) and not representing the height of the content accurately. Basically they behave as though the content is much longer than it is and scroll on and on when there is no more content to show. However, they behave correctly on Mac and iOS in Firefox, Chrome, Safari. FYI, I did enlarge the table of list items inside the frame AFTER it was pasted inside. Is it possible that IE and Edge are interpreting the size of the contents incorrectly because of that resizing? Any thoughts on how to correct this would be much appreciated. Thanks. MC
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I think this is a bug in IE and Edge, which is fixed in the newer versions of Edge. Because IE is no longer supported by Microsoft, we likely won't be spending time on a workaround. But if this issue persists in the latest version of Edge, please send us a URL or zipped up output and we can investigate:
Thanks, Justin. You were correct about Edge. When it was updated to the newest version, the scroll bars worked correctly. Thank you for the quick response and suggestion. MC
No problem. :-)

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Updating to the latest version of Microsoft Edge fixes the issue (per the comments above).
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