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Im working on an epub, that has an Button on every page where you can click an show/hide an rectangle.

For that I created a master page, where I placed the button and rectangle. What I can´t figure out is, how to make it work, that the button "remembers" its state, when turning the page. What I mean by this is, if the User clicks the button to hide the rectangle e.g. on page 7, the rectangle should not be displayed on page 8 also. If the user clicks again to show the rectangle, the rectangle is shown on the following pages, until he clicks again to hide it.

So basically, I´m looking for a way to "remeber" if the button was cliked or not, to display or hide the rectangle in the whole epub when browsing through it, not just on the current page. I  tried doing it with the form element data plugin because with it you can remember what the user clicked in a form, but that didn´t worked for me for this problem.
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If you're exporting with in5, an Multi-State Object on the master page should keep it's state from page to page (assuming it has not page-specific info, like a page marker).
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Change state object in another page