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I would like to create a tabbed drawer using scrolling frames. Is the tab placed outside of the container, and how do I make the tab interact with the content I want to pull on to the page?
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I have actually made some progress on this on my own. However, I want to drag/pull it onto the page, but the only way I can make it appear is by scrolling with my mouse. I would appreciate any tips on what to do differently to make this happen.
Dragging content in a scrolling frame (as opposed to using scroll bars) isn't fully functional on the desktop. It's best suited to mobile devices at the moment. As you've seen, using the mouse scroll works, as does drag-selecting any text in the frame.
Thank you for your help. You have saved me a lot of time; I will quit trying to make it do something it's not designed to do. :) I was hoping (on a desktop computer) that you could click it with the mouse and drag it onto your page. Thanks again. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

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