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I'm currently evaluating inDesign and in5 to see whether we can use it to produce our in-game documentation and rules. We released an iPad game (Battle of the Bulge) that currently uses HTML files created with Freeway but we need a more flexible solution.

We have a Word document with basic formatting that is the core rules. These get sent out to designers and producers for amendments and changes so we need to be able link to this document in inDesign, rather than embed it.

With that in mind I placed/linked a text file (.docx) onto a blank page. The text box is iPad sized so the text would overflow/be overset.

I'd hoped that I would be able to set this overset box to scroll but the checkbox and text was greyed out when I came to export.

I tested it with simple dummy text and again it was greyed out.

Is this because it's a demo?
There aren't *** next to it to indicate it isn't.

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Sorry to say that with my report due in tomorrow, being unable to fully test the functionality of the program and waiting over 4 days for what is in effect a yes/no answer to a simple question, does not paint a good picture of the features and level of support we could expect.

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You've got text rendering set to "Images (preserve exact appearance)". It must be set to either "HTML with web-safe fallback fonts" or "HTML with local font embedding" in order for the overset text option to become available.

This has been covered in this forum before: perhaps the in5 authors naively assumed that you would make some sort of effort  to search for an answer yourself.
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Thats cool. Thank's Ant. Yes you're right, I would of normally searched but I find getting a real world example of the level of support is an essential part of the process.

As for the answer, since Images is the only option available in the demo that does explain the issue though makes it some what tricky to evaluate.
To be fair, I've found the support to be excellent, although I realise that doesn't help you much! Justin is usually on issues within 24 hours -- he seems not to have been around the last couple of days for whatever reason.
Yes I suspected it was just bad timing and I've not said a definite no to pipeline yet. We've other options being considered and will be having another meeting next week.
Sorry for the delay. I was speaking at the Adobe MAX conference last week.

Ant is correct that text can only be scrollable when rendering text as HTML.
Thanks Justin.