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hI justin and sorry for my bad english, i've purchased in5 yesterday and  i can't figured out how to make image pop.up in a lightbox
Is there any tutorial?


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1. Select the image you want to appear in a pop-up and right-click (or use the Object menu) to check Mark as Thumbnail.

2. In the in5 dialog, make sure Open Thumbnails in Lightbox is checked.

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i can not find this option anywhere. i am using InDesign CS5.5 in german. Any idea how to do this?
If you go into your InDesign application folder, under Scripts/in5_v2/Startup Scripts/ and open init_in5.jsx.

On line 18, replace the following:


And restart InDesign, it should appear.

Please let me know either way. A check was added to ensure that v2 didn't conflict with v1, but it seems to be preventing this option from appearing in some cases.
Thank you very much. This is working perfectly fine now.
Is there any way to define the size of the original image that is going to open in the lightbox? Usually the images we use for the InDesign files are for print, so they are pretty big and not perfect for the web. It would be perfect to specify a certain size for the images that are being opened inside the lightbox. Any ideas would be so much appreciated.
Thanks for confirming. I'll integrate a fix in an update.

That's a good question about the original image. If you temporarily move the source image (so that InDesign can't find it), in5 will render the large image from the preview in InDesign (which won't be as big).