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Is there a best approach for publishing on the Amazon App Store?


From what I have been reading, it is a contained HTML website housed in an app...
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Hi Steve,

To publish for Amazon:

  1. Create a developer account with Amazon (free) and obtain your developer key.
  2. Plug in your developer key in the SEO & Meta section of the in5 dialog. in5 will then generate the necessary JSON manifest file for you.
  3. Copy your files to a web server.
  4. Point your Amazon account to the URL of the JSON file on your server.

Amazon will do the rest!

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Follow up question... Steps 3 and 4 do not seem to be that easy...

There is no reference to pointing to the index file. I need to upload the binary files and .apk files.

I do not know how to create the .apk file. Can you please advise?
Hi Steve,

I think you might be looking at the process for traditional apps. The process for HTML5 apps is much simpler. See this post (with video): https://ajarproductions.com/blog/2013/12/10/mobile-app-design-and-submission-has-never-been-this-easy/
This is all good stuff. I am still confused on what setting to export. I have used the baker framework to get my app in the Apple Store with success. But do I use the same export for amazon, or do I use one of the others?

Also, The video shows that you submit the .json file as the link, yet you state use the index file. The amazon interface has updated since the the video was created so you can understand my confusion.

I just want to mimic the baker framework experience that I have on the iPad with the android and kindle fire devices.
My apologies, you're right about the JSON file. I've changed it above.

You should be able to use any of the output options. The only Amazon-specific setting is the one listed in Step 2 above. To mimic the Baker iOS experience, the Baker output option is the most appropriate.

Note that there's also a Baker for Android library as well: http://www.bakerframework.com/baker-android/