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Hello. I have built the mobile layout for what will be a responsive interactive continuously-scrolling website. It is functioning nicely in Firefox, Chrome and Safari on MacOS desktop (viewed with browser window set as narrow as possible to test for mobile). I have just posted it to my server to test on my actual phone (iPhone so far) and the video autoplay animations are causing an annoying controller skin to appear on every single video animation (there are many!). It's really visually disruptive and ruins the look and flow for a reader. Is there some .js I can append to disable what seems to be a default video controller when video is detected? Video controllers are NOT showing up in the desktop in any browser because I set the videos up to NOT have a controller available. I thought that would carry over to phones as well. Please advise. Thanks! MC

BTW- same test on android phone did not produce the unwanted controller skin. Looks like an iOS thing. Please help. Thx.
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I'm sorry that you're having trouble with the video controllers showing up in Safari on mobile. Would you be able to send us the following to troubleshoot:

  • Your InDesign file or a sample file that recreates the issue
  • Your html5_output

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Myra, just wanted to follow up here and let you know that the .js code you sent is working and gets rid of the video controller overlay on video animations set to autoplay onPageLoad in iOS Safari. I believe you mentioned this fix would be implemented in a future update to in5. Right now I'm still making the substitution you instructed me to do after rendering and it's working (as long as I remember to do it before porting to the server!). Do you know when the version that will include this function will be released? I'll keep my eye out for it. Thanks to you and the programmers for the quick response to this and the temporary fix. :-)
Hi Margaret, I'm checking with Justin and our developer. I'll let you know what I find out.