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Hi AjarP

Just a quick question after my first play with the in5 demo.

Is it possible to create multiple page sizes within a single export?

e.g. a document with 5 pages as 1024px (w) by 768px (h), then a final page as 1024px (w) by 2000px (h)

Best wishes

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Similarly exporting only selected pages would be helpful.
We are considering the possibility exporting a page range in a future version.

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It's now possible, with version 1.2, to export multiple page size (and have them retained) using the Continuous Scroll formats.

Liquid Layout is also supported in version 1.2.
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Is it, though? I still get the page height set in CSS for all pages based on document settings. It seems possible to check if the page sizes differ and if yes number the pages (page css class) and set the height in CSS for each page separately. This is really an important feature as right now I need to place every page in a separate file and can't export all pages at once.
The pages with dimensions that differ from the document-level settings have their own style attribute with height/width settings that override the base CSS class. See this example:
That is weird, not in my case. cs6/vertical scroller/web or baker output/continues scroll vertical.
You can see my export here: [edited] (index.html shows correct thumbs)

You can also see webfont bugs there which I reported here: https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/answers/374/webfonts-and-units-styles
Thanks for the example, Pethr. I'll take a look and see what I can do.
Thanks. I am updating the example now to include overset text which isn't scrolling on 0003.html (is cut off as in ID by the frame and the overset isn't in the html source either). The page that used to be 0003 is 0004 now. Please download the files, I am editting out the link now and might take it offline soon. We can continue this over the email.
@pehtr, which Page Format are you using?
--Nevermind, I see vertical scroll. I was hoping it was liquid.
This should be working as expected in version 1.2.3. Please let me know if it is not.
Hi Justin how did you achieve this. I can't get in5 to respect multiple page sizes. I have three pages in the document I am using.

See attached indesign file:
Thanks for the sample file, topelovely. The pages were exporting with the right size, but the container was not large enough to allow them all to display horizontally. I've resolved this issue in version 1.4.2.
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Currently, the page size must be uniform. We may add a "preflight" check that emits a warning when the page size is not uniform. Variable page sizes present all kinds of issues when the page size is fixed in an HTML container.

However, when we are able to support Liquid Layout, variable page sizes may not be a problem (though it will be irrelevent because each page will fill the screen).

Variable page sizes are currently supported in all non-slider formats (and Liquid Layout is also supported).

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Thanks for the clear and prompt answer Justin

I think this may be a case of me "wishing" for something that V1.0 of in5 can't currently achieve - i.e. a web app where the tablet user swipes horizontally between "pages" but can then swipe/scroll vertically WITHIN that page to read the whole article, dependent on how long it is.


Thanks for the comment, Christian. We'll keep that in mind for future features. Perhaps textframes with overset text could be marked as scrollable...would that address what you're looking for?
I think having text frames with overset text set to scrollable would be a good step forward, as long as the exporter included overset inline graphics within those text frames. Thx.
@cja17 it sounds like there's a lot of interest for scrollable text, so we'll definitely make it a priority.
So there is no way to make a page vertically scrollable? [whilst maintaining the horizontal navigation controls] ?

I know that both baker and the DPS has this functionality... would be nice
Yes. Try the newest version (1.5).