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I have an inDesign document with 2 layouts, custom H and custom V. I exported it selecting responsive layouts from the Export Range menu and multi-page web mode from Output menu. Everything OK. Now I need to make a change on page 3 and 14, but I don't want to export all the document again, just those two pages in responsive layout. I cannot find a way to properly set the Export Range menu in order to achieve that. Is it possible?
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Setting the Export Range is generally for testing updates to make the export take less time than exporting the whole document. It isn't recommend it for you final export.
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Hello Myra, thank you for your advise. The problem persists though because my question was not about the final export which always contains all the pages for obvious reasons, but about how to export one page, for example if the client asks for a change on a certain page of a big publication, I don't want to export all the inDesign document just for one page. Sometimes the document has more than 40 pages and that takes a lot of time. Is there a way to export only one page of a multi-page document in responsive layouts?
Thank you for the clarification. You can export pages 3 and 14 for the layouts in your responsive layout using the following syntax in the Export Range field: