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Hi to the In5 team,

I am looking for a way to integrate a lot of projects in a continuous scroll page, in a way that they can unfold to display more information when the viewer is interested in knowing more.

I found this seemingly simple and elegant example (here):

Is there a way to replicate this effect where content unfolds by "pushing down" whatever sits afterwards?

Thank you!

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You can create an accordion menu with InDesign and in5 using buttons and multi-state objects (MSOs). Here's a video where I show how to set it up:

However, this type of accordion menu won't dynamically adjust to the expanded content. To get that functionality, you would need to add custom code.

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Thanks Myra,

I have indeed made an attempt with the accordion style which provides okay results.

Do you have any idea how advanced that piece of code would be to achieve the dynamic page scaling?

Here's a tutorial for building a dynamic accordion using JavaScript: