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Hi there. I'm a user of InDesign and create interactive content for desktop and mobile using InDesign's 'publish online' feature. In the past I was a DPS user, so have experience using it and the features. The main issues I have with publish online is (see screengrab uploaded) the fact that the c the user see's the bottom nav bar, the language option etc etc. I want to create the navigation, not use InDesigns native Publish Online one...I also don't want the user (or clients) to see the indd.adobe.com hosting URL.

So my question is if I subscribed and started using to in5 would my designs show this bar and could I customise the URL so it contained my clients name?

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Also, has anyone got any examples of uploaded content done with in5 that I can look at on my mobile? so I can for myself if the bar is there or not?

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Hi Steve, I think you will be happy with In5's implementation of that bar. Also with In5 you provide the hosting so there will be no indd.adobe.com URL.
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Ah thanks. So if I subscribed to that service (on a pretty basic plan) I could export from in5 as a folder, zip that, upload it on the hosting site and view – and also share this url with the client for them to see? Then if I make amends to the document I can simply re-export and upload again on the hosting site to view with the recent changes I made?

Thanks for your help on this Maurice – greatly appreciated as I'm new to in5 and the process!
I think it's that simple--you don't even have to zip the file if I understand correctly.

Happy to help, best of luck to you!
I've just thought, if it's then hosted somewhere then I could simply view this URL on the mobile device itself for sizings/text legibility, and also supply the client the URL to view on desktop and comment on?
That's right--the client could look at it on mobile as well.

Getting comments from the client though is interesting. If you have complex content with a lot of interactivity it can be difficult for the client to give clear feedback. Some people just have the client send marked-up screenshots, others use sophisticated tools like https://marker.io/

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your interest in in5. 

Maurice has provided some great answers! Let me see if I can offer any additional info.

Yes, you can export your content without the bar at the bottom. The in5 bar is called the Viewer Display. It is off by default.

Here's a page with the document types from the Easy Export Wizard and their settings in the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog that can be further customized showing which ones have the Viewer Display included or not:
And here's a video with more information about exporting with in5:

You can test your exported content by viewing it locally and resizing the browser or using a mobile simulator such as Mobile simulator - responsive testing tool from Chrome or tools in Safari

You can also test your content by uploading it and viewing it on a device or use a service such as Browserstack to test the content on a wide range of devices, OS versions, and browsers.

Ajar Productions does not offer hosting, but the following article includes links to a variety of paid and free hosting options, links to more information about acquiring domains, and links to info about uploading content:

If you use WordPress or Tiiny Host, then you would zip your content before uploading it. If you're uploading it to a web server, then you wouldn't zip it. Using Tiiny Host would be the easiest way to quickly test uploaded content.
After exporting, you could either send your client the URL to the uploaded content or use a file sharing service to send a link:
The following post has a discussion with multiple workflow options for client review:
After making changes and re-exporting, you can re-upload your content. While you're testing, you might add a query string to avoid issues with cached content:
I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.