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I need to be able to have a button that allows a user to print a PDF.  I see there is an action in the buttons dialog for Print Form (PDF only section) but nothing happens when I apply that action to my button.

I know you can do a download (and print) using the exported bar at the bottom of the interface but that's for a single download for the whole magazine.  I have one for each page.  Any suggestions for getting a PDF to print.  Right now, I have the 1st page of the PDF as an MSO and have the print button in that window.  I've tried the google drive/lightbox option but it just says that google drive can't connect.  I really don't want users to open a new window since they will just get lost and never come back!  Thanks for any help.....Mimi
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The Print action should work. Please try updating to the latest version to see if it fixes that issue:

However, using the Viewer Display (or simply linking to a PDF) will offer more control over how the document is printed.

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