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I'm trying to take a large presentation for an athletics hall of fame, and install it locally (with little or no internet access) on their Android-based Elo touchscreen. I'm able to push content already to the device using the Elo View system. The file contains non-linear navigation, scroll bars, animation, lots of photos, and even some popup videos where available. I have the physical device(s) in my possession ahead of the installation deadline. The webapp version is the last resort as their WiFi is shaky in their arena.

I tried to follow Keith's steps for this from the older Ajar Academy video series, which involves creating certificates, icons/splashes and preparation of the files and folder structure. But since PhoneGap Build is no more, I'm stuck. I've tried every option that I can find. I'm using Ionic Framework to build the APK but my build never finishes (even after 3-4 minutes) due to errors I don't know how to fix. I also tried Android Studio but can't yet seem to get it to the actual build stage. I know very little about coding which is why In5 is such a great tool.

Is anyone out there with any tips? I'm still working on the main file, completing the design but I have some test files I'm attempting to use to test it. I've previously completed a similar project for another university but theirs is locally run and stored on Windows-based Elo screens and computers without an internet connection.  

Please help me!! I'm pulling my hair out or what little is left :(
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I'd recommend giving the web app another try and use Application cache (offline viewing). A web app with Application cache (offline viewing) enables the content to be downloaded while online and viewed later while offline. Here's more information about making web apps using application cache with in5:

If you do want to make a mobile app, then try either Apache Cordova (the open-source version of PhoneGap) or Ionic Appflow (full-service app creation like PhoneGap Build, but requires a separate paid subscription) instead of PhoneGap Build. Here's more info:
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