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Only with Zoom to Page Width all the text size looks fine on mobile. With the other options looks awful, very big and broken. But if I select zoom to page width, the horizontal version doesnt fit to the spread pages. And In want to see two pages in horizontal mode. Any idea?
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If you're exporting a flipbook and you would like to force the layout to show two pages, you can add the code from the following article but substitute landscape for portrait in the code:

You can try various Desktop Scaling options, too. Be aware that Desktop Scaling disables pinch to zoom. If you need pinch to zoom, then stick with Zoom to Page Width:
Or you could create a responsive layout using InDesign's Alternate Layouts to target various browser sizes:
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Changing none for auto, the font looks good on mobile.

p {
-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;
text-size-adjust: auto;

We have seen that more recent versions of iOS changed how CSS zoom is being handled by Safari, but on an iPhone 8 CSS zoom stays the same. In that case, our developer recommends appending the following JavaScript (you can append it via the Resources section of the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog):

var useZoomToScale = false;