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My colors seems to be converted to CMYK from the moment there is an Image on the same page. Can this be fixed?
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We recently had one other person with this same question: https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/answers/7286/rgb-colors-seem-to-be-converting-to-cmyk-in-in5-output

After a restart of Adobe InDesign and downloading the latest version of in5, the issue was resolved. If you are still having an issue after using in5 3.8.2, please let us know here and send over your InDesign file to support@ajarproductions.com so I can take a look. Thank you. 

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I did use the latest update but the issue remains.

I have noticed the following issues:

Text colors remain once you keep them editable. If you select pixel perfect the recovering is happening to CMYK.

If you use a logo the same happens only if you import the logo as svg the colors remain correct.

Attached image:

The blue in the square bulb is the correct blue (the headline should be the same blue)

If you remove all imported images then the issue is also solved.



Are you able to send the InDesign package and html5_output files over to me for that page? I'd like to take a look further to see how we can solve this. You can send the files via WeTransfer or Dropbox to support@ajarproductions.com. I'll look for your files.