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Hi guys

My indesign page size is 1200px so the frame i placed my image in is about 900px

I tried to export DESKTOP SCALING with FILL WITH, the problem is the quality of that image is not good in my 1920px screen size (which make sense), I checked the asset folder and i figured that my image is resized to 900px (exporting to fill width) so obviously when it scales the view port width to 1920 the image size in the view port shows at least 1100px, so I'm looking at 900px image in about 1800px size, thats why the quality is not good at all

Any ideas?
BTW: I tried to replace the image with higher quality on in the asset folder and the whole thing messed up
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Your graphics would probably need to be higher resolution to start with so that they display well when fitting to the width. If you want to send us the InDesign package so we can check the resolution, etc., we'd be happy to take a look.

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