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I've been working on a single scrolling web page that contains both buttons that reveal text on rollover and a mso-slideshow. Both of these worked fine when I first created them but as I have continued to make edits to the page, now neither will work. I didn't think I changed any of the settings, but in any case, I've deconstructed and reconstructed a couple times and can't get them to work now. What could I be missing? Have there been updates to ID that would interfere?
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Make sure the buttons are on the top layer. If the buttons have been covered by other content, then that would prevent them from working.
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Thanks for the suggestion but no, there is nothing on top. Nothing is locked; everything stacked right; no pre-flight errors; visibility turned on; everything up-to-date; restarted everything… Even when exported as a pdf there was limited functionality, but I could not get in5-html doc to work, despite that it worked before.

I changed the buttons from show/hide on rollover/roll off to show/hide on release/tap and they now work fine. On the slideshow, I removed the forward and back buttons and just set to autoplay/ tap to pause/play, and that now works fine as well. It seems as though some of the actions just don’t work as well as one would like.
I'm sorry that you're still having trouble with the buttons. Would you be able to send us your InDesign file or a sample file that recreates the issue and your output? You can send that to us here:

Thanks, Myra. I didn't save a version of the file with the show/hide on rollover/roll off. If I have time to see if I can recreate the problem, I'll send it along.

Let me take the moment though to say how much I love and appreciate in5 and all the cool things I can do with it.

Also, I realized after I changed all the buttons to show/hide on release or tap, that I could probably have achieved the reveal-text-on-rollover effect I was after, just by using the rollover appearance state, which always seems to work fine, instead of the Event->Action.
Oh, good. It sounds like you've got it working.

If you'd like us to take a look, feel free to send your file our way. There's no rush. We're happy to help whenever.

And thank you for the kind words about in5. We're glad you're enjoying in5. :)