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I have key in the correct Google Analytics ID and export them to web and hpub. But it do not send any event or tracking to my report. I double check it with my other app with same Google Analytic ID and they are working well.

I am using Adobe CS 6 and in5(v2) ver2.6.2 demo version. Please help! Urgent~~~~
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You will need to upload your HTML to the web before it begins sending data.

After that, it may take a couple of days before Google Analytics displays the data. Also, note the date range setting inside of Google Analytics.
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Hmm, it will not display on the Real Time reporting?
I have been spectating the Real-Time report after I upload it to web.
In Baker app, I download the hpub and tested it too. It did not show any activity to report as well.
I've never had luck with the real-time reporting anywhere on my site.

For the Baker app, I would suggest giving the app an ID in the in5 dialog for easier tracking.

I would give any tests a minimum of 72 hrs before expecting them to appear in Google Analytics.
Okay, thanks for your solution. I will give it a try : )
I have wait for the analytics report for more than one week. And it still not appear in google analytic. Would it be Demo version is limiting the google analytic feature? Or anyone with success in doing this can share me information of setting you used and exporting steps? Please help~
The demo version should work the same as the licensed copy. Try this debugger extension to make sure everything is working: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-analytics-debugger/jnkmfdileelhofjcijamephohjechhna