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Hello, I've found that by exporting as flipbook I can get the facing pages/single page effect by having two layouts basically the same sizes but the first with "allow spread to shuffle" unchecked and the second checked. The problem is that I would prefer not to have the page turn effect. Is there a way to export as flipbook without the effect?
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Yes, we have a few options for flipbooks where you can add custom CSS or edit Javascript to control the look of the output. 

For example, If you are interested in turning off the page curl effect completely, you can edit the JavaScript in the output.

  • If you open assets/js/turn.min.js and change cornerSize:100 to cornerSize:0 it removes the corner peel.
  • There are two instances of duration:600 at the top. If you replace both of those with duration:0, it will remove the page animation as well.

However, it sounds to me like you are talking about pages with different sizes. Variable page sizes are not supported in the Flipbook format. 

If you want, you can send us your InDesign Package and HTML output files via Dropbox or WeTransfer (to support@ajarproductions.com) so I can help recommend a different option for your output. Please reference this Answer Exchange question in your email.

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