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Can I export a spread without using Flipbook with page peel? Like Slider (Fade)? I definitely need a spread format (as the same indesign file must work for print as well). I can live with the flip animation, but I don't have a linear page progression so the option of using previous / next page flipbook corners is a real problem. I need all of the navigation to happen via my hyperlinks and buttons in presentation mode.
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You can first merge your spreads to single pages using the Merge Spreads script that comes with in5. Make sure you're running the latest version (v3.5) of in5.

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I found your script on Saturday and the merge converted perfectly even with several header pages (shuffle turned off) throughout the document for each print book. Thanks!
Great...glad to hear it worked for you!
I don’t want to merge the pages; is there any solution to publish two pages spread as slider (fade in)?
No, the pages will need to be merged. You could duplicate the file and merge pages in that document for in5 export (while keeping the original in separate pages).