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I have created a webapp that is a calendar with events, and I would need to be able to incorporate a PUSH notification in the webapp icon every time I add a new one.

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in5 does not currently offer the ability for push notifications but since the html output from in5 is extensible you might be able to add code on your own or with the help of a web developer. 

You may want to reach out to an independent in5 Certified Professional for more information. Keith Gilbert might be a good person to start with. You can find his contact information here: Keith Gilbert

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I'm not entirely sure that a webapp can display push notifications. If this can be done, at the very least you would need to partner with a company that can deliver the push alerts, such as https://www.airship.com/ I think.

I don't think iOS and Android have a way to display an automatic push alert any time that Web content changes.
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