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Hi. I have a responsive multi-page mini-site setup, with two alternate page layouts — currently 7 pages each at 1920x1080 and 414x896. However, when I export for responsive, I'm getting blank pages yet the source code shows it's being exported properly. Inspect element doesn't show anything awry that I can see. And I have the background colors set to default in in5's export (I have tried "none" as well).

It exports fine when I do not select responsive; ie when I select "all pages" instead. It does not work with other options such as slider, either. Note that previously, I had been toying with presentation mode, but that is now turned off.

I'm on most current versions of INDD and in5.

Here's a link to the output.

Any ideas or is there a bug somewhere?

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Here also are INDD files: samanthabohn.com/work-testing/in5/assets/files/PRO_0820_PRES_EMPOWER_USA_ENG.zip

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I got your files and responded via email. For anyone who might be having the same issue, it appears that the missing content was exported with v 3.6.8. When it's exported with v 3.6.9, all of the content appears.
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