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Hi. I have completed a multi-page website that's got everything displaying and animating and linking properly on multiple browsers. I rendered this site with version 3.5.4. Today, I was experimenting with the same file using in5 version 3.6.4, trying to see how much file size reduction I could achieve with optimization (both standard and enhanced) in the latest version. The reported size reduction is huge! And everything works as expected when the files are still being served to the browser from my local drive. However, when I upload the files and folders to a remote server, many of the images are simply not there or some are labeled "rectangle". I checked the permissions on the server (per a troubleshooting article on this site) and all have read permissions for all three categories, so it seems that's not the problem. Any other ideas as to why my graphics don't all appear on a remote server but they do locally? I have re-rendered and re-uploaded a number of times to make sure everything arrived on the remote server. This happened when using both standard and enhanced optimization. I'm stumped. Thanks, MC
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Check the file permissions. They may have the wrong permissions on the server.
Good morning. I have examined the permissions, carefully checking how they are set for folders and files inside folders. Seems all the folders were set correctly after export (compared them to a previous export that I knew worked correctly) but apparently only SOME of the image files that were generated had the permissions set with an Octal of 644, so I had to select all of those image files in Transmit and set them to the same Octal number and that corrected the problem. So, for some reason, using Standard optimization, some of the permissions are not being set the same way for all the image files. If you can share why this might be happening (didn't have this issue with the earlier version of in5, with no compression) I would like to know more about this. Now that I know I have to watch out for the permissions, I will be careful to do that before submitting files to my client so they don't have problems after uploading. Just wondering why it's happening at all. Thanks for your help on this! MC

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This was an issue created by the JPG optimization library on Mac. It has been resolved in v3.6.5:
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I'm happy to hear about the huge file size reduction with v3.6.4. Let's see if we can take care of the missing images. I'm guessing you're referencing this article 


Did you try re-uploading the assets folder?

The images are usually renamed unless you set Image Quality to Use Source Image when you export or change the Object Export settings in InDesign. Here's more info on exporting images


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Thanks for re-posting the link to the article. Made it easier to locate and do testing. See comment above to Justin, as I was able to fix the problem as described. Appreciate your help.
I'm so glad you got it figured out. And thank you for posting what you were seeing with the permissions.
I'll see if I can replicate and resolve the permissions issue.
Justin, it seems to be the jpg files that are not being set with the Octal of 644. The other file types seems to be working fine on upload to the server. Just FYI. Thanks. MC