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Will you be implementing support for alternate layouts in a future release? I have tested on a few existing documents that I have. On one, it exported all pages from all alternate layouts, and on another it only exported the pages from the first layout.

Thank you.

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Update: v3.6 will support exporting alternate layouts responsively.


There are no plans to export multiple layouts at this time.

in5 will export the layout that is active on screen. If you happen to be on a master page when you run in5, the layout cannot be detected and it will export all pages.

Update: in5 currently allows you to select individual layouts to export.

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What exactly do you mean by 'happen to be on a master page'? I've tried selecting the master page in the Pages panel, but with two alternate layouts, it still only exports one of them.

Is it possible to export both at the same time and in addition, what is the use of the data-layout attribute that's added?
At this time, you have to export the layouts separately.

The data-layout attribute was added based on a customer request.

By "happen to be on" and "active" I mean the page that is active in editing window. If you double-click on the master page in the pages panel, it will become active in the editing window.
Update 09/26/19. There are plans to add responsive layouts at some point in the future.