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Is there a way to make a Print button for the user that would print all pages?
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You can add a button with the following hyperlink:

If you want it to have it appear on all pages, put the button on a master page.

Printing all pages will depend on the format.

Continuous Scroll should do this without modification.

To print all pages of a different page format, you may need to attach custom CSS.

This article might help with that: https://www.lynda.com/articles/how-to-print-a-web-page

Note that the multi-file format(s) won't let you print all pages (since only one page is loaded at a time).

In that case, you may want to hyperlink to a printable PDF. You can attach the PDF in a resources folder and create a relative hyperlink (e.g., assets/resources/filename.pdf).

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