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Hello In5 Community,

I should mention I'm working on a PC... I am trying to get an understanding for the pipeline from start to finish for creating a web app. I've looked over the tutorials available and I find myself left with a lot of questions.

I've created my indesign document > Exported the webapp via "Export HTML5 with In5..." > and I've uploaded it via filezilla to the ftp on my start logic agccount/server access > When I click on the index file however it takes me to my online website.

What I think I need is a breakdown on how to get what I export from In5 onto my iphone on a windows machine. I was recently told that Once I export from In5 I'd basically drag and drop the file into itunes. Is this not the case? 

Also, what can I use to test my web app on a windows machine for ipad, iPhone, Android, and other standard formats?

I'm a little foggy on what exactly to do with the In5 files once I have them, for testing and distribution. Any feedback is most welcome!



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Hi Ryan,

There is no iTunes involvement with a Web App. :-)

It is uploaded directly to the web via FTP. That's all you have to do to publish.

Once you open the URL on an iPad, you will be prompted with instructions to save the Web App to you home screen.

More info:

Publishing to a Web App

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