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When a Web App is visited on an unsupported device (like a desktop computer), there's a message to email to my device.

How do I change the subject line and body text of that email message that is generated?
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To change the language of the instructions

Yes, you just have to replace a couple of images after export.

In the assets/images/ directory, you'll find a few files the start with add_to_home_ and non_.

Simply replace those images with ones you've created. You only have to replace the ones that are relevant to your format (e.g., "add_to_home_ipad.png" and "non_ipad.png" for an iPad app).


To replace the text in the email message

Create a new .js file, insert something like the text below, and attach it in the Resources section of your in5 dialog:

webAppEmailSubject = 'Way too awesome {deviceName} Web App your should check out';

webAppEmailBody = 'Get this on your {deviceName} by visiting: ';

Note that {deviceName} (case-sensitive) will be replace dynamically with the appropriate device name (e.g., "iPad").

This is supported starting in version 2.8.6.

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