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Hi Justin,

i've try to put an MSO inside another MSO, like explain in a tips video.

It's works in DPS but not with in5.


Do you think that could be possible ?


Here is a test





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Thanks, LG. We'll take a look and see if it's possible to support this.

I've seen the video about Nesting one MSO inside another in the last newsletter (version 2.4). Is this possible now or not?
I've tried but it doens't work.

By the way, thank you very much for adding Analytics and social sharing buttons. I like it.
Have you thought to the possibility of change the arrow slider image and padding on the horizontal slider into the in5 dialog? It would be nice

it works but you must choose text rendering HTML.

Thanks LG.
Hi Maizca,
We try to keep the dialog as simple as possible. You can change the button positioning with CSS or use your own buttons from InDesign.
Yes, I change the arrows and the CSS every time, I understand you try the dialog simple.

If you attach the CSS using the Resources section of the dialog it should save you some effort (as it will stay attached for each subsequent export).
Thanks, I think I've achieved it successfully, I've attached my in5.slider.css in CCS section and my arrow attaching in folder section in the export menu.
Is it necessary to attach the entire in5.slider.css or only the parts that I want to change (only the arrows, padding of the arrow and a page shadow)? I'm not a developer.

Another question, where are the social sharing code?, I would like to put a few pixels above the right arrow
You only need the CSS that you want to change.

The social sharing code can be found in assets/css/pages.css.
Thanks, I found it

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This has been added to version 2.4. Though the anchoring in the example document is a bit too sophisticated for HTML at the moment (one dimension is relative and one would be absolute--CSS can't do separate types of positioning for x and y), so you may want to expand the text frame and make the objects inline. Note that you can also group them together and anchor them to control the relative positioning.
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