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I've got an MSO with State 1 being a button. When clicked, it switches to State 2. State 2 consists of three elements that should animate (appear/grow) On State Load. None of these animations work (the elements aren't even visible on the page).

When the elements are not in an MSO, the animations work fine (On Page Load).
The SWF preview of the animation shows the animation working correctly both inside the MSO and outside of it.

Any ideas?

Thanks! :)
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in5 is not yet set up to trigger animation on state load. Is there such an event in InDesign, or is it the same "page load" event that the preview triggers on state load?
Hi Justin,

Thanks for getting back to me. The "On Page Load" action automatically changed to "On State Load" when the object was placed inside of the MSO. On Page Load is not an option anymore. The options in the dropdown menu are:
On State Load
On Page Click [greyed out]
On Click (Self)
On Rollover (Self)
On Button Event [greyed out]

Great. Thanks for clearing that up, Amy! I'll make sure that functionality is built into in5 in an upcoming update.

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Support for the On State Load event is now available in version 2.2.

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Justin, you are completely brilliant. Thanks for all your hard work!
Much appreciated, Amy!