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I'm working on an interactive booklet for the University of Illinois in which I'd like to be able to use icons as buttons to hide/show multiple video boxes, audio boxes, and text boxes on the same page. I've been able to convert the video and text boxes to buttons so that I can hide/show them when I click on their corresponding icon buttons, however, it seems InDesign won't allow me to turn an audio box into a button (even after grouping it with other objects). Do you know of any way that I might be able to hide/show audio boxes using buttons or multi-state objects?


Michael Linsner (mlinsner@illinois.edu)
Justin Parker (jparker@illinois.edu)
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You can create an invisible button using a rectangle with no fill and no stroke if you need a button somewhere like for your audio. You can also make a multi-state object (MSO) that has an empty state as the first state. You can set an action on a button to go to the state that contains the content.
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Thanks for the input! After spending some more time on it, I eventually figured it out. I'm using multi-state objects for the various video, audio, and text boxes and then using the icons as buttons to toggle through the objects.
You're welcome, and I'm so glad you figured it out! :)