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It will be nice if you add scorm and tin can api to your product.
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Thanks for the suggestion. This is an option we've considered in the past. What kind of SCORM calls would you need? Would completion be enough?
Completion of course.
The controller reports success status and score based on the learner’s quiz results (cmi.success_status, cmi.score.scaled, cmi.score.raw, cmi.score, max and cmi.score.min).
Reports individual question results (cmi.interactions) and records the learner’s progress towards completion of the SCO (cmi.progress_measure).
Maybe those:
Reports the learner’s progress towards completing each learning objective (cmi.objectives.n.progress_measure and cmi.objectives.n.completion_status).
Breaks down the test results into results for each learning objective (cmi.objectives.score).
There's no scoring mechanism in InDesign, so what would be reported in terms of learning objectives, scores, etc?
Basic queries and polls works with inDesign.
I thought that we will embed HTML5 games in publications.
Some things to consider:
You can create form elements, but InDesign doesn't have a built-in way to collect the data. This will almost certainly require custom coding. InDesign doesn't even have a mechanism to mark radio buttons as "correct."

Embedded content may not be able to pass SCORM/interaction data upward.
Hi, Justin

Maybe in next release with improvement in form, will be better this integration with scorm?

Update: this feature is still on the roadmap.
That's good to hear.  Using more and more for eLearning.

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