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I'm currently trying to get some layouts to work with in5. I'm not able toexport some text boxes as test - I'm just getting images.

As those images are kind of blury, I'd like to know if there's a way to change the resolution of exportet images?
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First, make sure text rendering is set to one of the text options (and not images).

Next: Are the textboxes rotated, or do they have effects applied? If in5 can't replicate something (like effects) it will render the text as images.
Correct settings, no rotation, no effects. I could an screenshot if this helps.
Sure. A sample INDD would be even better, if possible.
I'm interested in this solution too.

I have made some pop-up windows with text callouts. The text (now an image) is slightly fuzzy. I had a drop shadow on the icons, but I have tried it without the effect and the resolution/fuzziness is still pretty bad.
I can't figure out why all other grouped elements that come out as images are sharp, but Buttons for some reason are fuzzy. Any ideas? I have tried saving out a variety of ways including as :
Text Rendering: As "Images (preserves exact appearance" and "SVG..."
Image Quality: "High Definition" and "High Def (text only)
and with "Render Group as image" turned on and off

They look perfect in exported PDFs... why not as webapps?
Right now, buttons can only be rendered at 72dpi, but I'm working on fixing that in the next update.

If you want an immediate fix, you can put an invisible button (empty rectangle) over a text frame that is not a button and the text frame will be rendered at the higher resolution.

To get an over state, you can put the text in a Multi-State Object (MSO) and have the invisible button trigger an "over" state in the MSO on roll over.

I should have the update available in the next couple of months.

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Just found this old thread thanks to a comment.

The ability to change image quality has been in place for years now.

It's fully described in this article: How to Control Image Quality

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