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This question is specific to Liquid layout and Borderless Page Scroll (Vertical), both entries exist in the Page Format drop down menu and seem to be exclusive. I can get the desired liquid layout effects I am trying to achieve if I select "Liquid" from the Page Format drop down, however, I am interested in creating a long document (with alternate layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile) which also incorporate multiple page load animations. Is there a way to apply liquid layout rules to a document that is exported with Borderless Page Scroll (Vertical)?

in5 3.7.8 Gold, InDesign 2020, Mojave 10.16.6
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They're two separate page formats with two separate purposes.

Liquid Layout = 100% width, 100% height for each page (except tall pages).

Borderless Format is designed for many pages to be displayed together.

Use Desktop Scaling + Responsive Layouts instead of Liquid Layout to get a responsive, scrolling site.
Thanks Justin, I was trying to copy a site created in Drupal. I could mimic it very closely with Liquid between the 3 alternate layouts, but ultimately I need to have the long document capability with borderless page scroll. I learned a lot about fixed position elements today, so all good. Thanks again!

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