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Hi, i have the problem that the export setting "use source image" doesn't work for me. I use InDesign CS6 (v8.1) and in5 v2.3.3. I also red the other similar questions here but there was no solution so i'm asking again. In my UseCase i have an InDesign File with 4 JPG Images, all perfectly linked to my local hard drive. With the images I made a MSO slideshow with Folio Overlay Panel. When i export with in5 and using the Export Setting use source Image i unfortunately got 4 converted PNG Files in my image directory. Is it possible to send you my files (5MB) anywhere? Best Regards Manuel Mayr
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Yes, please send us the INDD package and I'd be happy to take a look.
support (at) ajarproductions (dot) com

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The images in the INDD file that shared are cropped within InDesign. Note that the image border doesn't line up with the container bounds in the screencap below.


in5 recognizes the image has been adjusted in InDesign and therefore re-renders the cropped image.

To fix: crop the images in Photoshop first and then bring them to InDesign in a finished state. in5 will then allow you to export with the source images intact.

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Thx for your help.