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We are seriously considering to leave Mag+ and move to Baker.

I'm just newbie with in5 and I'm feeling confortable with it but I don't understand/see how to reproduce the A/B layer behavior of Mag+.

Sample https://www.magplus.com/video/creative-use-of-layers-example-1/

We actually need something much more simple. A floating text moves up an down while the background changes.

Just it's shown here http://youtu.be/UNuOGG5hVAY?t=3m17s (3:17)

Is it possible to reproduce this in in5?

I managed to program the effect in HTML/JS solution but I would like to solve anything within in5.


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Yes, Fransimo. in5 uses the native InDesign and DPS features. For this effect, you can use a Scrollable Frame Overlay with the static (unmoving) content sitting underneath.

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