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Hello. I'm trying to convert an overtext frame to a scrolling frame. I am following the instructions, but I do not have a Panel (Windwow > Universal Scrolling Frames. Plus, from the in5 menu > Interactive... > Scrolling Frames, I get the message "The Scrolling Frames Panel is a separate install.", but I am unable to click the blue "Get the Scrolling Frames Panel". The button is not interactive and only the Not Now button works. Please advise.
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We have seen that sometimes the button in the UI doesn't work for people if their IT department restricts downloads or if they use an anti-virus that prevents accessing the page.

The button in the UI is actually just a link to the page where you can sign up for the newsletter to get Universal Scrolling Frames for free:

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Thank you. I was able to get the widget and install.
That's great! Thanks for letting us know. :)