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So I was working on an interactive pdf that needs to be filled out and saved and my boss asked if I could make certain sections collapsible which can sort of be done on pdf but it leaves a huge blank page or certain sections span multiple pages leaving you having to click every time. Is there a way to do this on In5 in a way that makes the text collapse and reformates between pages? if possible id like to not make it one long web page.
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First, there are a couple of ways that you can add a form to your in5-exported content that could be filled out and saved:

Whichever approach you use to add your form, you could then either put the form inside of a pop-up or an accordion

We have some free resources that can help show you how to create a pop-up:

And here's a video that shows how to make an accordion:
Neither approach automatically shifts content down to accommodate the form. If you wanted the content to appear that way, you could make the MSO for the accordion include the content on each state where it would appear moved down when the form is visible.

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