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Is there a way to create a link to download/view a PDF from an app? Using Adobe DPS you can supposedly just link to the URL where the PDF resides, or place it in an HTML Resources folder in the DPS Folio Builder.

When I include a button that links to a PDF's URL, the lightbox pops up and is just gray. Sometimes the front page of one of the PDFs I am trying to link to shows up, but there's no way to scroll through the PDF in the lightbox. The PDFs are each under 2MB.
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In the Resources section of the in5 dialog, you can attach a folder.

You can then reference relative URLs within that folder (starting with assets/resources/). E.g.:


More info on attaching a folder:

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I did exactly that, but once the PDF pops up (in the lightbox) you still can't navigate through the PDF using the iPad. I will email you a link to files to reference. Thank you.
Thanks for the files. I'll look into it.
Hi, when I export as a webapp for iPad I can link to pdfs stored in the resources folder but they open in Safari. Is there a way to get them to appear in a lightbox within the app?

When I used to do this in Twixl, PDF documents were supported in web viewer overlays.

Yes, use the technique described in this article to set a link target:
Hi Justin, thanks for replying.

I've used this technique but I now get the same result as the original question in that the popup is just a grey box.

Is this the best way to display a multi page pdf within in5? This is eventiually going to be converted to an app using Phonegap.

I've sent a link to the ajar support address with my indd and my output files.

You should be able to use File > Place. I'll look at the file you sent.