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I am creating a series of multi-page documents in InDesign which uses the same images multiple times across each page and document, even with same dimensions. 

On export, in5 creates multiple copies of the image into the assets/images folder. It also renames each image to "item (number)", rather than retaining the linked filename.

Is there a way to avoid in5 exporting the same image multiple times, and keep the original filename?

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When you export either by going to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5... or to in5 > Easy Export Wizard... and then click the Advanced button, go to the Advanced section of the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog. Under Image Quality, select Use Source Image (when available). Then in5 will use your original image once with the image file's name without creating separate versions of it. The image can be scaled or rotated. If the image is cropped, then in5 will generate a separate image.

If you have a Gold plan, then you can also use Enhanced image optimization (also set in the Advanced section of the export dialog under Image Optimization) to eliminate duplicates.

Here's more information:

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