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If I have simple lines (Line Tool) in the document they are exported as PNG.
Is it possible to export them as inline SVG?

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If you save or export a line or graphic from Illustrator as an SVG and then place it in InDesign, then in5 will export the line or graphic as SVG.
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It makes no sense in case of a document having 1200 lines already, and also lines can be adjusted as needed in InDesign, but if as SVG then modifications also became problematic.

Couldn't be the simple lines being exported as inline svg?

There's currently no means of exporting InDesign lines or shapes as SVG files. If you place SVGs into your InDesign document, then those files will remain as SVGs when you export with in5.

If you'd like lines or shapes created in InDesign to appear more crisp when exporting them as PNGs, then try setting the Image Quality setting to High Definition (144 ppi) in the Advanced section of the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog.

You could also create an Object Style to apply to your lines to make them export at an even higher resolution (150 or 300 ppi). Here's more information:

Dear Myra,

Thanks for your answer!
The issue with the small PNGs that the many small files will degrade loading performance as well as storage and manageability.

If Ajar would consider to convert basic lines into inline SVGs would make the export better as no separate files would needed for simple objects like lines.

Would you consider in the near future to add this?

Hi Peter,

I checked with Justin about exporting SVGs. He said that in5 does not produce SVG from lines and shapes, since PNG usually generates smaller files. The only exception is a simple circle with a solid fill. in5 creates an SVG in this case because it produces a smaller file size in the output.

I would add that if you're placing multiple lines that are the same (size, color, etc.), if you have the Gold plan or higher, and if you go to the Advanced section of the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog (in5 > Export HTML5 with in5...) and set Image Quality to Enhanced, then in5 will consolidate the images for you so that the document only references the one image (or fewer images if you have different sizes of lines that repeat). Here's more on reducing image size: