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Hi, I was wondering if someone found a good workflow for reviewing a digital brochure with their customer. Currently, we are making screenshots for every single page and every single object state, and put them all together into a PDF for the customer to comment on it.

There has to be an easier way, right? Anybody who came up wit a better idea?
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There are a variety of ways that you could get client feedback for your digital brochure. Here are a few suggestions:

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This is a great question, I've always wanted to see something like what Adobe does for commenting on XD files for In5.

Is there one of these Web annotation tools like https://markuphero.com/ that you might recommend?
Hi Maurice,

Thanks for posting the link to Markup Hero.

I'll check with Justin to see if he has any additional recommendations and pass along the recommendation to add an in5-exported content review feature.
Hi Maurice,

I heard back from Justin. He said he doesn't have any additional recommendations, but he's curious to know if Markup Hero works well for you.
Thanks Myra, I don't currently have a project where I need it but if I do try Markup Hero I'll let you know :)
That'd be great! Thanks! :)