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Hello, can we make the viewer bar to be on top of the page, instead of the bottom?
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You can add the following CSS in the Resources section to move the Viewer Display to the top of the screen instead of being on the bottom:

#viewer-options-wrap {

When you apply that CSS, it will cover the top portion of the content. 

I'd recommend exporting the layout in the Slider (Horizontal) page format, turning off Desktop Scaling, and manually modifying assets/css/in5.slider.css


.anythingSlider-in5.activeSlider .anythingWindow { border-color:transparent; }


.anythingSlider-in5.activeSlider .anythingWindow { border-color:transparent; position: fixed; top:40px;}

I would add that this code is unsupported because it would require a lot of testing to put it into production with confidence.

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