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I frequently encounter a bug when exporting, where the plus buttons on the resources tab of the export dialog don't work, preventing me from including necessary css and js files. It's inconsistent as to when it happens, restarting InDesign or my computer doesn't always fix it. I am using the most up to date version of in5 (3.8.12).
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Make sure that you're running InDesign as administrator. 
Here is information on how to run InDesign as administrator on macOS:
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Justin said he wouldn't be have any additional recommendations until we can replicate the issue with consistency.

I would suggest making notes of any details you can about your environment or steps you take that would help us to replicate the issue.
will do, but its been difficult to replicate on our own as well.
Thank you. And I'm sorry that you're still having this issue.
I think i've figured out what triggers the buttons from not working, and it seems to involve hitting cancel, possibly after choosing the Destination Folder location and creating a new folder name. I don't know if it will help but ill send my data file
Thank you for sending your data file. I'm checking with Justin about it.