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Hi! I just downloaded the demo version and have been cheking it out with great results, so it looks like a very promising piece of software, please keep the great work!

I read on your web that it is possible to integrate in5 output with the Laker / Baker framework and would be really interested in such an integration, so I was wondering if you had plans for some tutorial or extended info on that matter (as, on the other hand, would be great for PhoneGap).

Thankyou in advance and congrats on in5!!

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Wish granted. Version 1.2 now exports Baker Framework-ready files.

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Hi Jose,

Thanks for your post. Right now it's a custom setup. We'll definitely look at creating some tutorials as well as integrating these frameworks (where possible).

I'd also invite anyone who's attempted integrating in5 with these frameworks to share their experience.
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I'm just starting to attempt it. I'd dearly love a Baker compatible export, for the time being I think it's going to be a matter of writing a post-production script that chops my portrait.html and landscape.html (alternate layouts in InDesign) into separate pages and combines them to handle the auto-rotation using CSS media queries; does this sound like I'm heading in the right sort of direction?
So I knocked up a ruby script that takes an indesign file from our design house and exports it to Baker-ready html. Our design guys were providing a single indesign doc, with alternate layouts for portrait and landscape orientation, and the script folds them all into a Baker style layout, whilst making sure that no resources are duplicated to save on file size. I added some CSS3 media query goodness to switch between the two layouts as the device is rotated.

Now that we have a proper Baker5 export, I'll probably use that instead, but I think I'm going to still need some post-processing to support those alternate layouts; I can see In5 supports Baker+liquid layout, but I can't see anything for alternate layouts?

Additionally our design guys have switched to one indesign file per article, so the entire publication now comes as about 20 ind files, which is a bit of a headache...
We don't have plans to support alt layouts at this time.
no worries, our design house seems to have abandoned alt-layouts anyway :( Now they just do multiple layouts in the same file, which means I have to manually tag each output .html file to determine whether it's portrait or landscape. I can't see anything in the source that would let this be automated, but have I missed anything?
Would adding an attribute to the pages tag with the layout name help?
Yes, that would be very handy indeed!
The next update will include a data-layout attribute on each <page> tag that is part of an alternate layout. I put it on <page> instead of <pages> primarily because the Baker export option does not use a <pages> tag.
Nice one, cheers.