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My customer would like to publish animations on an institutional websites which works :  with a Jalios CMS and a Drupal CMS

The security is very high and only allows text input (no CSS possible for example).

The user can only enter text.

The problem is that the In5 export generates HTML files and CSS and JavaScript.

The solution would be to place all the JavaScript and CSS libraries on an external server, a bit like a Bootstrap framework?

To put my question differently: are all Javascripts exports different depending on the animations and the export format, or is there a common library?

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Both the JavaScript and the CSS used depend on the content and the in5 export options. Your customer would need both the JS and the CSS in order for the animations to work properly. 

It sounds like it would be better for your customer to upload their content to a different server and embed it on a page in the more restrictive environment. They could use Tiiny Host which makes uploading the content very simple. Here's a webinar that we did with Tiiny Host with more information.

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Thank you Myra. To be sure I have understood correctly, there is therefore no common library according to the different export types ?

I double-checked with Justin. He said that, no, you couldn't strip all of the CSS and JS to put on an external server.

He said that you could probably move the CSS and JS to another server, but you'd have to make some manual updates to the files as they include relative links to the content.

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