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I'm creating long, one page document that I will be showing in an iframe in another InDesign document. (It is a bit of a work around to create a scrollable page with other features overlaid.)

So for it to appear seamless I need the page to just appear, at present when I open it the page "grows" from the top left. Is there any way to switch off page load animation?
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To hide the loading of the document that appears in the iframe, try adding the following CSS via the Resources section:

body #container {
    -webkit-transition:none !important;
    transition:none !important;

It's also possible to delay the viewing a bit more with additional CSS:

#container { display:none; opacity:0; }
body.loaded #container { display:block; opacity:1; transition:opacity .1 1s; }

Here's more information:

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Thank you so much! Works like a charm!!!!
You're very welcome. :)