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Is there a way to show the page number in flipside mode. This way its easy to share. I want to show www.mysite.com#p=2
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Try adding the following to the JavaScript portion of the Resources section of the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog (in5 > Export HTML5 with in5... or in5 > Easy Export Wizard... and click on the Advanced button)

$(document).on('pageRendered', function(e, data) {
   location.hash = 'p='+nav.current;

The above code is not recommended for use with the Slider Page Formats. For those, use this instead:

sliderSettings.hasTags = true;
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It works!!!! Thanks
Fantastic! :)
I have a new problem. With the new code every animations appears twice. Do you know why?

Would you be able to send us your InDesign file or a sample InDesign file that recreates the issue for us to troubleshoot? 

It would also help if you could send us the html5_output from that file too.

You can send them to us through the contact form:

if(in5.lastGoStart && now - in5.lastGoStart<2000 && in5.lastGoContent == goContent){return;}
We have to change 200 to 2000 to load all the animations. Now everything works fine. 
Thank you for posting your code. I tested it on a document exported with in5 version 3.8.10 and found that although the animations are loading, the URL is no longer showing in the URL. Is that what you're seeing?