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Hi there - I'm exporting to HTML with local font embedding - but it seems to be adding alt text to all of my text frames anyway. Is there a setting I need to enable/disable to avoid duplicating the content in the code? The text frames in question don't have any alt text applied under "Object Export Options." Thank you!
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If you don't set alt text, in5 will try to help set it for you by using the text in your text frame. There is a 120-character limit per text frame, though, so you may be seeing more alt text if you have multiple text frames. In that case, you could try the Merge TextFrames script to consolidate your text frames.

Here's more information on alt text and accessibility with in5:
How to Export Accessible, 508 Compliant HTML Layouts from InDesign

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Thanks so much for the quick response. The Accessibility article you linked to indicates that alt text is added for a text frame, when the text is rendered as an image.

In this case, I don't want to render my text as images, I want to use live type in the html. Since all of the copy will be accessible, I don't want to include duplicative alt text. Is this not possible?

Appreciate any help/guidance. Thank you!

There's no way to remove the ALT text right now, but it's something that Justin would consider for the future. He's thinking of hosting a Zoom session later in the year to get accessibility suggestions like this.
Thank you! Appreciate the quick response.